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Reaching Roots

As trees grow high into the sky, their roots must grow just as deep
Reaching Roots with The Greenhouse Yoga Studio

Have you ever looked at a forest and wondered how all the plants can co-exist so seamlessly? Honestly, I don't think that is a normal thing to consider. But these are the things I think about all the time.

Now consider this, the higher you rise, the deeper your roots must be.

If we look at the forest as an analogy for the life on Earth, we can see ourselves, and each being roaming this plant, as plants in the forest. Some of us are big successful trees, some of us are smaller trees that prefer the shadows. Other creatures are smaller plants that cling and grow up the trunks of other trees.

But what do all of these things have in common? A few things, right? Of which that might be the need for air, sun, and water but the one thing I've been spending a lot of time thinking about is that they all have roots. And all of their roots grow deep into the same earth. Twisting and turning, and affecting each other.

We're all interwoven in some way. We each require room to grow but also benefit from the closeness, connection, and ability to relate to each other. As we strive to find a greater meaning, increase our frequency, and discover our true selves, the deeper our roots need to grow to keep us grounded.

And as our roots grow deep, they need to reach out to each other to grow our community and support us on our journies.

That is my dream for The Greenhouse Wellness Studio. Not only to become a natural oasis to practice yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and other alternative wellness therapies and fun events, but also a place for like-minded people to come together and find comfort in a community they can feel held and supported by.

If this is something you feel called to, I invite you to join us!

All my love,


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