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Allow your senses to be overtaken and body to be transported somewhere beyond space and ti

Allow your senses to be overtaken and your body to be transported somewhere beyond space and time.



To call this event a guided meditation, breath work, and sound bath with bits of energy work sprinkled in would be accurate but would in no way do it justice.


This will be a healing & sensory experience you'll never forget!


In this unique experience, you will be led through heart-opening breathwork, self-healing guided visualization/meditation AND be bathed in sound from 4+ different sets of crystal singing bowls, creating a vortex of healing frequencies. Working in concert with these frequencies will be varying hues of light dancing across your field of awareness. If this wasn't enough to transport you into pure bliss consciousness, the heartbeat of drums, twinkling of chimes, and other tantalizing instruments will float through the room, offering delicious distractions from the larger, deeper experience at hand.


Whether you are looking for something fun and new to do on a Saturday or to take your higher self out on a date, this is the event for you.


It promises to be energizing, engaging, and fun while also granting you permission to dive into the depths of your soul and meet yourself right where you are.


Hopefully, they'll be answered below!

What is Sound, Soul & Magick?

Sound, Soul and Magick is a collaborative event with local healing partitioners including Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Sound Bath, and ambient energy work. Who's are the collaborators? Erin & Tony, - The Greenhouse Wellness Studio, Jenni, Kari, and Jasmine, - My Mind & body, Tonia Erin, and Ann Real, to name a few. Each come with their own medicine and special ingredient to the healing stew we're creating! What's the details? This event is on Friday, March 3. There are two sessions, one at 3 pm and one at 6 pm Each session is 90 minutes Tickets are only $33 but will be $55 at the door so get your tickets early!

What is a Sound Bath?

Imagine drawing a warm bath and fully emerging your body into it. You instantly feel the warmth and pressure of the water. It soothes your body and allows for deeper relaxations. A sound bath is the exact same thing accept what is able to relax is your subtle body, or energetic body. Soothing, depression, anxiety and even pain.* The frequencies that come from the sound bowls are tuned to a 432 hertz. At 432 hz, each one of your cells begins to vibrate at the frequency of creation. This has an immediate effect and allows for a deep relaxation in a deep meditative state. It's also shown to decrease heart rate. By the way, this is just one way you receive benefit a sound bath. In addition to crystal singing bowls, there are other gorgeous instruments that are often played are chimes, drums, gongs, etc. According to Medical News Today, "Sound baths are a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. This creates an immersive sound that fills the room and the body, aiming to help people relax and let go of stress, anxiety, or other worries and concerns." Its healing and just really fun to listen to and feel! *I am not a doctor, so don't replace any prescribed medical treatments with this event or the tools used within. Of course, if you find it necessary, check with your doctor about anything concerning your health.

What is Breath work?

Breath work is one of the most powerful and accessible healing tool, and we all possess it. In its simplest description, breath work is exactly what it sounds like. But when the breath is approached with intention and led with specific breath patters, it has the ability to really open up your feelings and allow for self healing of any trapped emotions and/or traumas.

What is a chakra meditation?

Like any other guided meditation, the goal is to allow your mind, body, and soul to connect and allow for your healing and full realignment. A chakra meditation will guide you through all the each of the 7 chakras, bringing your attention to the area and energy of each. Your attention is all it take for each chakra to positively respond and readjust to their natural, open and free flowing states. The chakra meditation during the Sound, Soul & Magick event will be accompanied with corresponding colors and sounds allowing for greater chakra immersion.

How can I benefit from this event?

You'll get all the healing/health benefits of Breath work, meditation, and sound bath which include but are not limited to*: Deep relaxation Reduced anxiety Heightened awareness of your self and inner world Increased intuition opportunity for chakra alignment New perspective on things Reduction in negative emotions Release of trauma Reduction of stress Boost in immune system Bump in wellbeing Connection with Community Heart and mind opening feeling of acceptance and love so much more... AND If you're new to the world of energy, frequency, or alternate healing, this is going to be a very fun and easy introduction. If this is all old hat to you, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and feel something new(ish.) *Again, I am not a doctor, so don't replace any prescribed medical treatments with this event or the tools used within. Of course, if you find it necessary, check with your doctor about anything concerning your health.

How is Sound, Soul, & Magick different from other events like it?

The biggest difference between this event and others like it, is it's size! Most of the time you find these events are held in small more intimate surroundings. And don't get me wrong, those events are so wonderful. We're trying to create something a little bit bigger. Instead of 1 set of singing bowls, we'll have 4. Instead of 1 or 2 practitioners, we're going to have 6+. Instead of 10 - 20 people, we're hoping to have around 150! We want to create some BIG energy! We want to attract a BIG crowd! We want to open a LOT of people up! We want to EVERYONE to find healing in some way. and if nothing else, we want to make A LOT and BIG CONNECTIONS!

What should I expect?

Doors open an hour before the event to allow for time to get checked in and settled. Arrive early to get the best spot. We'll kick things off with breathwork, then move into a guided meditation and finish up with an immersive sound bath. When you arrive, come in through the main museum entrance, where you will be greeted and checked in. Once you are checked in with your ticket (either printed ticket in hand or pdf on your phone), you will be given a wristband and directed to the top level. When you get to the top (3rd) floor, you will see signs indicating where to go. Come in, get settled, and await an epic evening of healing, relaxation, and fun! PARKING: The Leonardo is a public museum with plenty of paid street parking nearby.

What should I bring?

You will be on the hard floor for at least 90 minutes, so we recommend bringing whatever you need to stay comfortable. Some general guidelines are a yoga mat or pad, blanket, pillow, water bottle, chapstick, journal & pen, and an open mind.

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