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The intention Yolo Yatra Foundation (or YYF) is to provide funds for Indian* individuals or families who desire to go on a pilgrimage to India's sacred Hindu temples.


*While we are not exclusively servicing Indians, this specific population is our primary focus initially.


How It Works:

If you are interested, please submit an application using the button below. Once the application has been submitted, our committee will review your application. Whether the application is approved or denied, you will be contacted within 7 - 10 days.  After approval, we will discuss the best way for us to get you the money. 


In December 2022, my family traveled to South India on a Pilgrimage for 19 days. After visiting Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram, we decided to break from our tour group and check out the local life a bit. We stopped at a small restaurant. Struggling to place our order with the waiter, a kind young Indian woman who spoke English offered to help us. After we successfully placed our order, my 17-year-old son invited her to dine with us, to which she agreed. While we ate dinner, she told us a story of how she could get just one day off of work, and she used it to take a 14-hour bus ride from where she lived in Bengaluru to Rameswaram to visit The End of India and the Ramanathaswamy Temple. She was on her way back to the bus to return home. She went on to tell us that her family wants the same pilgrimage but has not been able to afford it. That night on the tuk-tuk ride home back to our hotel, I couldn’t stop thinking about how we, my family of 4, were blessed with the opportunity to travel to India and go on a pilgrimage, or yatra, to over 15 magical temples and sacred sights just four months prior and were able to pull the funds together to make it happen. What a privilege or…. What privilege? There are residents of India, full fledge Hindu Indians, who save up their entire lives for the opportunity even to do 1/15th of the trip my family and 29 other people from the States and Canada did. And within that 10-minute tuk-tuk ride, I felt a bigger purpose than myself. After a few conversations, things were set in motion. The Yolo Yatra Foundation was born.

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