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Personalized Sound Bath & Meditaiton

Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in life. We're doing our best, maintaining a posivite outlook, tending to our thoughts, working with our guides or higherselves, but we're still not seeing the changes we want. 

If this sounds familiar, maybe I can offer you something you haven't tried before!

What you will receive:

  • 15-minute personalized guided meditation

  • 45-minute private crystal singing bowl sound bath

  • 45 minutes of 528hz resonance therapy

  • Water charged with the whole experience to take home

  • Recording of the meditation and sound bath


Who is this for?

Everyone! We are all on a path to better ourselves in some way. Whether it be to manifest a new career, develop self-confidence, or find the love of your life, we are all looking to up level.


How can Personalized Sound Healing & Meditation help you?

This answer comes four-fold.


Listening to a guided meditation crafted with your specific desires in mind will guide your subconscious to start looking for the path to your goal's fulfillment.


Experiencing a crystal singing bowl sound bath opens your mind, body, and heart to new possibilities. The 432hz frequency emitted by the bowls is known as the frequency of creation. It invites every cell of your body to release stored negativity or trauma. This allows for space life's juicy newness.


In addition to total sound emersion from the singing bowls, you'll also be offered resonance therapy with a rife machine tuned to 528hz. This frequency has been named the miracle frequency and is believed to bring transformation and increase love energy, clarity of mind, awareness, creativity, and inner peace. You'll be able to relive this experience as often as needed as you move into your new life with a recording of the meditation and sound bath.


During your experience, I'll also place a glass bottle of water near you to be charged. This water will hold the magic of the moment that can be savored for the days to follow.


What to expect:

After you purchase your Personalized Sound Healing & Meditation, I'll reach out to you to learn about what you are looking to manifest in your life. We'll also schedule your session. Sessions can be scheduled in my Greenhouse studio space, or for a small fee, I can come to you. After your experience, I will email you your audio file, and you will be able to take your water home with you.

What does it cost:

The financial commitment is $150 to do the session in the studio. If you would like to have the session in your location, there will be an additional fee that is determined by the distance from the studio. 


I am so excited to be able to offer this profound experience and welcome all questions.


Or you can contact me directly


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